23rd Jul 2014
SlackwareArm for Raspberry Pi - Downloads.
SlackwareARM for the Raspberry Pi®.
Here is a Raspberry Pi® installer for SlackwareARM and two preinstalled 8GB/16GB images ready to copy to an SD Card.

raspberrypi-installer.zip (44.4MB Zip archive)
kernel-source-3.2.27-arm-1.tgz (98.4MB Optional slackware package)
SlackwareArm-14.0-8GB-20130310.zip (1.5GB Zip archive)
SlackwareArm-14.0-16GB-20130127.zip (2.8GB Zip archive)

The preinstalled images are provided as a lazy way to get Slackware running on a Raspberry Pi®, the installer is based on the one at David Spencers site and uses the same partition scheme so that you do not step on a crack. David had the genius idea of putting the swap partition before the root partition making the installer elastic. These SD card images are without warranty and are for use at your own risk. Please see Issues and work arounds.

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Please note:
Raspberry Pi® devices are not supported by the Slackware ARM team. Support is officially advocated through the "Slackware ARM community support programme". Slackware ARM is not supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Slackware ARM is brought to us by Stuart Winter of the Slackware Team. Thanks Stuart.
Thanks to David Spencer who can be found at daves-collective.co.uk.

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