25th Jul 2014
SlackwareArm on Raspberry Pi.
SlackwareARM for the Raspberry Pi®.
A SlackwareARM installer and two preinstalled 8GB/16GB images ready to copy to an SD Card.
These webpages are moving, please go to http://stanleygarvey.com/slackwarearm_rpi/index.php
Please note:
Raspberry Pi® devices are not supported by the Slackware ARM team. Support is officially advocated through the "Slackware ARM community support programme". Slackware ARM is not supported by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Slackware ARM is brought to us by Stuart Winter of the Slackware Team. Thanks Stuart.
Thanks to David Spencer who can be found at daves-collective.co.uk.

This site is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Slackware Linux Inc, SlackwareARM or the Raspberry Pi Foundation. All information and software is offered ''AS IS'' and without any warranty implied or otherwise.

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